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I am talking with  a photographer and told him what a client is worth for you.he said 300$~1000$.i told him if i bring a new client how much are you willing to pay me.he said 100$,that's great.

when i explained him i will generate leads with 1800 number less than 10sec is free more than that that is considered a lead (and you pay me) he was little bit hesitant.He was thinking the customer that i bring will buy his service then it's worthed 100$/lead.I know our job is generate leads and not sales,that's his job.

am i doing everything right here,did i miss anything?thanks

Re: Phone Lead Question

I think you went wrong by asking him what a new *client* would be worth. He's not going to be able to close every lead you send him, so he'd be crazy to pay $100 for a phone call when he is converting maybe one out of every 3 or 4.

You need to make sure he understands that you're just sending him *potential* clients, not *paying* clients, then let him set the value accordingly.

Re: Phone Lead Question

*potential* clients, not *paying* clients

yes this is what he needs to know,thank you