Topic: Contract Not Respected

I was wondering if a client refuses to pay for the leads start arguing this phone call was invalid blah blah blah,..even though it is written in the contract and agreed upon what is valid and not valid,

what do you do?take them to court?did you have any situations like that?

Re: Contract Not Respected

I think you have to figure out if its worth it. If it's early on, I'd just stop doing business with them and move on. If they racked up thousands in leads and refused to pay, then you go find a lawyer that specializes in collecting overdue payments.

Re: Contract Not Respected

If it's not too many leads then tell them to pay for leads as agreed or you'll go and work with their competitor. Remember this is performance marketing and almost no other advertising medium will give them a better deal than you are giving them. You have all the power in this relationship - use it.

If they're refusing to pay for a lot of leads then yeah, talk to a lawyer.