Re: Facebook Dries up That Quickly?

localleadkiller wrote:

I really believe in the local lead business. I have a client (dentist) and started running ads for him on Facebook. I got everything sorted out with pricing and estimates and for the first 2 days, I was good at 100% ROI. Then, terrible. Today, and later in the afternoon, I got barely any leads. My CPC's are dropping with testing but can my leads in the area really have dried up already? I am still getting a good amount of clicks.

Also, I tried adwords, and it says my QS is good and everything, and my bids are high enough, but ZERO impressions. Don't know what to do on that front. So far just focusing on facebook i guess. Any help is apprecaited!

You may have already done this but did you check to see if your lead form is working right?

Re: Facebook Dries up That Quickly?

I'd install clicktale or some other user tracking software and see what people are doing when they click to your LP.  Maybe you can tell without clicktale if in your GA you're seeing high bounce rates and low time on site...