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Here some of the common questions I am getting about the LLP course and Local Lead Gen in general:

- How much money/start up capital does it take to get started doing this?

Almost nothing.  You won't really start spending money until you get a customer, and then it would be on things like pay per click advertising which you would hopefully be recouping with your profits.  There's really no reason this business can't be run cash flow positive from the start.  The only start up type expenses that I can think of would be a session with a lawyer to review your contract template that you would be using and generally give you the OK for what to do.  If you don't already have a business going, you might want to start a LLC or an S-corp, but those can be done online for cheap.  With running a local lead gen business time is the biggest investment you will make.

- How much can I make doing local lead gen?

Unfortunately this is almost impossible to answer.  It's just like any business out there, you could make nothing or millions a year, it just depends on the person.  The amount you can make is directly proportional to the amount of work you put into it.  The potential is there and the ROI can be great with local lead gen, but it takes effort to go get it.

- Can I do this in a small town?

It's probably easier to find clients and businesses if you live in a larger metro area.  But the good thing about local lead gen is that you don't have to live in the area of the business you are promoting.  You can run a LLG campaign for anyone/anywhere.  It's just sometimes easier to find those businesses initially and it is an advantage to have local market knowledge by living there. 

- Can I do this while working a full time job? 

Absolutely!  You could start and run a local lead gen business after work and on the weekends.  I started my whole online business that way.

- Do you have to use paid traffic sources to send visitors to your landing pages?

Mostly yes, because your clients want immediate results and paid traffic such as PPC and social network traffic provides that.  While SEO strategies should be employed to build residual value, it can take a while to build up traffic doing it only that way.  I go over all the traffic sources I have found, free and paid in the course.

-What level of technical knowledge do I need to do this?

You need to have a working knowledge of web design, pay per click and internet marketing in general.   If you don't there are a ton of free resources to bring yourself up to speed fairly quickly.  I link to a lot of these in the guide.


Just a note about the "small town" issue...

Although it may be more difficult to find clients in a small town, your local online competition will be much lower, if not nonexistent. Local competition can be significant in the larger metro areas like LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, etc. The volume in a small town will certainly be lower, but you're essentially trading volume for a much higher ROI... which may be what someone new to local lead gen is looking for. I'm sure there is a sweet spot somewhere in there... where the volume is still there, but the competition is still low.

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I'm sending 40-60 people/day to a landing page and getting about 40% conversion rate on it. Been that way for about 3 months now as it's the clients busy season.

It's been optimized and tested thoroughly in the first few weeks its been running.

Avg. cpc right now overall via Adwords/Yahoo/FB is $0.94 and my CPA is $15.

Do the math!

(20 conversions/day at $15) - (about $50/day cost) = $250/day profit

I invoice him once every 2 weeks during his "busy season."  FB charges my debit card daily at about $15 but G Adwords only hits the card every $500.  So by the time I invoice and collect from this client about $3000, I have time to put the money into my debit card and pay for another 2 weeks of charges PLUS pay myself $1000 every 2weeks.

After 1 month of setting up this website and ppc campaigns it's pretty much on autopilot.  I check once daily my stats and website traffic in the morning for the previous day and go to work at my current day job.

Why am I not doing this for a few more clients in other areas?  Good question!!


Ken, sounds like a great client.  A few more like this and you can kiss that day job goodbye (if you wanted).  Time to start some vertical expanding!


it's very seasonal for this guy.  He does graduation and school photography right in your home. Another 2 months and it'll be over. I'm trying to get him to continue it with in-home portraits and pet photos.


Thanks for sharing!

You bring up a good point re: "autopilot" and Chad with "Vertical expansion". B/C if you had more clients in this area or had the same model in a different niche, this business can potentially be very little work. some tweaks/optimization here and there but all in all.