Topic: Handling Lead Quality

How do you handle these types of leads?

1.  Phone leads that go into voicemail, but don't leave a message.  The lead could be good if someone picked up the phone.
2.  Web leads that the client can't get a hold of. 
3.  Leads that are interested, but don't qualify.  For example, someone interested in teeth whitening, but can't get it because they have braces.  In my case, my property management lead had a property that is just outside my property manager's service area.

Re: Handling Lead Quality

1. Phone leads shouldn't hit voicemail. The client needs to have somebody available to pick up the phone during working hours. In most cases if somebody is on your landing page and has the option to fill out a webform or make a phone call and they call instead then they are looking for immediate attention. Unless you're sending tons of calls/minute this shouldn't be an issue and the client needs to know he needs to be available when a lead calls.

2. If the phone is valid then the clients needs to contact ASAP. Within 5 mins is best. The longer the client waits, the higher the chances this lead will become lost.

3. This is is your responsibility to qualify leads. You need to qualify leads at every opportunity. Mainly 1)ads and 2)landing page. Putting wording that says this offer is available for x area property or something is an example. Ask your client what type of business he wants or what constraints he has (i.e. no people with braces, no people 50km outside of san diego) then use your ads and landing pages to qualify them. Yes you will get LESS leads but the leads you do get will be actual leads and better quality.

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