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Glad you found your way here!  This is the forum to discuss all your local lead gen successes, failures, attemps, frustrations, questions, tips and basically anything related to the local lead gen/affiliate/marketing field.  Let's help each other figure out how to make some money doing local lead gen.  Everyone is welcome here.

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Hi Chad,

Thanks for sending me the link to this forum.

I am very interested in your course but have not yet bought because I'm a little scared of PPC traffic. I tried the PPC to CPA thing and got killed. To many moving parts and to competitive.

And there is the Google slaps and now outright bans every time you turn around especially with lead capture lading pages.

It seams like even the guys who are doing very well with PPC are spending $1000 just  to make $1200.

Is there something about your system that allows you to get around some of these PPC issues and can a PPC novice make this work?

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I do some local lead gen via PPC (my main business is national CPA/affiliate marekting) and I can tell you from my experience that PPC is far less competitive than for national CPA/affiliate offers. The advertisers you compete against are far less savvy in terms of ad copy, landing pages and the offer.

I can usually beat them on those counts, so I like to go into Google with high bids, gather data, weed out the loser KWs/add negatives, and then dominate the good keywords over time due to high QS / CTR % and the conversion of my page/offer.

I don't mean to imply it's easy as it's not and you need to know PPC and how to make converting pages, but I am saying that the competition is far less daunting so you have more margin for error.


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Thanks Allen,

I recognize you from another forum I'm in right now that isn't going so well.


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Exactly what Nick said. The overall competition is less for local and the competitors are usually mom and pop type businesses who are running the campaigns themselves.  So you can usually get to the top of a niche pretty quickly.

But I still wouldn't turn down the chance to spend $1000 to make $1200.  That's a 20% return on your money!

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See Here:

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