Topic: Clarification about the negative keyword list

Wanted to clear up why you might use the cities/states in the negative keyword list.  Ideally if you are setting up GEO targeting in your campaigns as described in the course you wouldn't need these negative keywords, but think of it as a quick insurance policy for recieving clicks outside your targeted area. GEO targeting isn't 100%. 

This is also to protect against grabbing a large keyword list that isn't properly scrubbed. Say you have used a keyword tool that has generated a lot of keywords and you didn't carefully go through each one and remove geo tagged keywords from other areas.  For example if you are targeting "seattle chiropractor" you might have other cities like "portland chiropractor" in the keyword list.  So by adding the list of major cities to your negative keyword list (taking out the ones you are targeting from the neg list), the search wouldn't pull for those other keywords in the campaign you forgot to take out.