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Hey guys,  just wanted to share how it can be really easy to pick up new clients using the first method I talk about in the book.  This just happened today without even trying.  I was getting an estimate from a pool company to replace some tiles on my pool.  The guy gave me the estimate and asked how I found him.  "Found you on Google" I said.  "Oh great, we have a small site but don't really do any advertising other than word of mouth", he said.  I kind of smiled because I knew a new client had just been handed to me.

Turns out the parent company owns 4 pool companies in the area and do a pretty big volume.  I told him what I did and they already want to do a trial.  We are working out a CPL and the details for the landing page right now.  I'm pretty booked up with new clients but there's always room for 1 more wink

This stuff really does work, sometimes without even trying.

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Just curious Chad, how many clients do you work with at a time?  And do they come and go often?

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Are you giving them free trial leads before you agree on the CPL?

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I too would be interested in knowing how many clients you deal with. My biggest concern with LLG is needing to have a ton of clients to make it work and managing all of them.

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sarafina, I've only run one LLG campaign, but I profited ~$5k within 3 months. It cost me next to nothing in advertising, and maybe 10 hours in development time... including some unnecessary backend lead management stuff. After that, it took no more than 5 minutes daily, checking stats and looking over leads.

Get a few campaigns like that, and that's a living to most people. I'm not saying that all campaigns will work out that way... they won't. But, it would be very easy to manage 10 campaigns like that as one person... and that's assuming they're all totally different. Find a niche that you can market well to, then find more clients for that campaign outside of your original geographic location. If you're already familiar with the niche, that will take a lot of research time and guesswork out of setting up new campaigns. It will also make it easier to land new clients, being that you have solid and relevant case studies to show them.

paycoguy, I know the question wasn't addressed to me, but... I gave away a few leads before I settled on a CPA with my client. I feel in a lot of situations, it will be necessary. Especially with clients who aren't accustomed to buying leads, and aren't sure what they could be worth to them. They need to get a feel for what % of the leads they can convert into clients/buyers, and what the value of that buyer is. That's not something that would be easy to pull out of thin air if they're not familiar with the model. It also gives you some real world data on what it will cost you to generate the leads, which gives you somewhere to negotiate from when settling on a CPA.

Plus, if your leads are good, then the client will want more. If you show them solid leads from the beginning, they'll be a lot more willing to shell out some cash for them.. opposed to writing a check, or agreeing to a specific CPA based on a pitch.

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It's hard to say because there are lots of clients in various situations, so I'm not sure how I would classify them.  Some are solid long term, some on hold for a while, some more seasonal, some in development, some in trial stage.  We also have clients all over the country and a couple international.  But I have help from my small team, luckily!

Sarafina, you  don't necessarily need a lot of clients.  1 good one and you could be set.  Or one good niche. It just all depends. 

paycoguy, I probably do free trials about 50% of the time. Some you can just start straight with the paid leads.

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I'm wondering how much a client such as the pool company you are working with can give you in profit per month? Seems like the`traffic to local campaigns such as this would be low? Can you make like $200 day in profit? I know it's hard to judge, jut wondering ......


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You never know until you try. This company told me in their busiest months they have 50+ crews a day out doing pools.  So it could be significant volume of leads.  We'll see, I'll report the details back here.

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Any update on this Chad?