Topic: Banned!


Im banned from google.

Can i offer a competitive local lead gen service from using just facebook?

I will look into getting a new acc in the future as i will be changing address but i want to get cracking on this now.

Im thinking that by only using FB, i will have to target different kind of businesses. Is this true? An example of what i mean is that one of the businesses i pitched to is in plumbing and only wants leads to do with emergency call outs as they are faily quick jobs but with high rates. This kind of model would be more suited to google adwords search rather than FB.


Re: Banned!

Yeah, it definitely depends on the niche. Don't forget about Yahoo and Bing though, they're definitely worth running. Don't let not having an adwords account stop you from getting started, you can definitely run a successful, although slightly limping, business without Google wink Good luck.