Topic: sample proposal or quote download

I'm looking to "officially open for business" as some friends have put it.

I've built my own website and got a cool logo and some great content that explains who I am, my expertise and some proof and testimonials of what I do.  The problem now is I got a blank Word .doc file staring me in the face and I gotta design a equally professional proposal template for this one design job before I can start marketing them also.

Sure I can find one at or some place but they look just that.  Cheezy and unprofessional.  (I kinda like this one though …  *wink* )

Anyone got an example template they are using or maybe even a place to purchase one?  I purchase templates all the time for websites, emails and even graphics icons and sounds at places like or

I know this post is a bit n00b but I'm away for a few weeks in the mountains of New Hampshire and all my bookmarks and saved files is back home on another computer and I can't remote access it for some reason (did I pay the electric bill?). Here's a post I did a while back on some background on me: … pid=23#p23

thx for any help.